Gold has always fascinated men.The production of genuine leaf gold has a surprisingly abundant history. The oldest surrenders have their origin in India. As the romans implicity felt there is no material with the enduring luster of gold.

Even now in the atmosphere of our modern cities. Gold will endure. Gold is a noble metal it will not tarnish. Since the time of the ancient Egyptian Gilding has been used to Embellish Furniture, Ornament; Jewellery & Decorative Objects.

In more recent times Gilding has been used on picture frames for Art on glass and other surfaces. There is nothing to compare with the rich brilliance & warmth of gold leaf. A gilded artefact has a unique appearance & the beauty of it's luster & colour is preserved for a long time. We use a wide variety of metals for our gilding including silver Leaf Aluminum, Leaf Copper, Leaf Synthetic, Gold Leaf, Silver Leaf & all alloys of genuine Gold Leaf from 12Kt To 24Kt.

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